#SOL14 - Blissfully Busy

Today's post will probably be late, and I'm okay with that. It's been one of those too-full days -- full of family, activity, conversation, creativity, playfulness -- full of life. It's been a beautiful day.

Last night my seventeen year old, Dos, called to say he was coming over because he needed help making a piñata for a class project. He had assembled all the necessary items, but wanted help putting it together. He arrived late (late, people) last night and we talked until our eyelids became too heavy to ignore, said our goodnights and went off to bed.

In the morning, his girlfriend found she had some extra time, so we ended up with some extra help in the piñata giraffe creating project. This was excellent for me -- now I could clean house and supervise their work. I love the times when the house is full of activity and laughter; I especially love when it involves Dos. He decided four years ago he wanted to go live with his dad to spend more time with him, and though I'm glad he's building a stronger relationship with his father, I miss him endlessly.

Dos hoping a blow dryer will speed up the process!
After she left, I took over the assisting duties. It wasn't long before The Husband and the Littles arrived home, which meant it was time to introduce them to the new puppy.

Turbo and Grimm already in love.
Sass helped me make dinner while the rest of the guys played with the dogs, played video games, and enjoyed some down time. The house was bursting with love and more laughter. It was the very best kind of evening possible.

Now the Littles (and all the dogs!) are sound asleep. The Husband and I are relaxing on the couch as Dos plays a video game, and the darling paper mache giraffe has it's final layer on and is drying (sans blow dryer) on the table.

Soon, to bed. But for now, bliss -- only bliss.


  1. You've painted a cozy, comfortable picture: a loving home for husband, kids, dogs--and yourself! I enjoyed being invited in for a brief visit via your post.

    I have a son who lives in his own house now, with housemates, and I treasure the hours he spends over here: the sound of his voice as he cooks a meal in our kitchen, as he teases his sisters, as he calls out a question to his dad from the backyard. They grow up so fast, don't they? Reading about your Dos made me want to hug my Eric :-)

  2. Activity and energy - life and laughter. The sounds of families living and filling up all the empty spaces of a house are what transform it into a home. So glad you were able to enjoy the time together. And I especially love the line "...we talked until our eyelids became too heavy to ignore."