#Slice2013 - Day 16 of 31

Things you learn when redoing your floors:

1. You are much more OCD than you even realized.
2. It's okay to let the perfectionism go and live a little.
3. Hard work is more satisfying than you believed it could be.
4. There really is such a thing as a happy mistake.
5. Quiet time and focused work without any technology around is relaxing.
6. Teamwork is a must.
7. If you push through the overwhelming bits, you'll make it to the other side.
8. Standing back and admiring the finished product is heavenly.
9. Trust your gut.
10. It really does all turn out okay in the end.


  1. Congrats on progress, or completion!?!? And you learned some quality lessons, to boot!

  2. #6 Teamwork is a must, is so true of most things, isn't it? It sounds like a job well done. Enjoy.