S: sister

I only have one.

She was born on Halloween, 1978.

As children, we played Barbies in the wee hours of the night, when we were supposed to be sleeping.

I treated her horribly most of the time, and she still loved me. I didn’t deserve it, but she did.

She still does, and thankfully, I grew up and stopped punishing her for things that weren’t her fault.

In fact, when she was a teenager, she moved in with me and our already blooming mother-daughter relationship became solidified.

I love her beyond measure or reason, and would give anything to ensure her safety and happiness.

I wept like a baby at her wedding. I distinctly remember thinking: She doesn’t need me anymore. It remains one of the most bittersweet, proud, and sad moments of my life.

When her first child was born, I felt like I finally understood the love grandparents have for their grandchildren. I felt the same with each additional child.

She is, quite simply, the most amazing and strong mother I have ever known. Her children are so incredibly lucky to have her. I wish I had been half the mother to my boys that she is to her young children.

She is passionate, free-spirited, hilarious, loving, and beautiful.

She is my sister, but more than that – my teacher, my confidant, my strong tower.

I think she’s always thought that I am stronger than her. But to be honest, I am strong because of her.

Without her, I wouldn’t have survived so many things.

I hope she knows that. I hope I make it obvious how important she is.

I hope she feels it in her bones, and it makes her stronger, too.


  1. So sweet! I hope you shared this post with her :)

    My "baby sister" is also a treasure. I need to tell her that more often.

  2. Such a beautiful post. Your relationship with your sister sounds amazing. I feel exactly the same about my little sister.