Tuesday Slice: time for the sun

I promised myself that as school began this year I would not stop writing.

It appears that has been more difficult than originally believed.

So I am sort of proud of myself for making time to write this Tuesday, just 45 minutes before midnight.

Tonight, as I googled and researched and wrote in student files and signed papers, I chatted on the phone with my 15 year old. He's been living with his dad for the past year, and although I spent the year in a flatlining stupor, I've finally begun healing.

In fact, I was told today that I seem more at peace.  And I am.

I'm at peace enough to not let the little things feel like impossible mountains. And I'm at peace enough to spend most of the evening on the phone with my sweet boy, when I really want to be sitting by his side.

He had a poetry assignment tonight; his teacher asked him to write a poem based on Identity by Julio Polanco. He's always been a good writer. Words come easily to him. But he has always had difficulty accepting that he could actually be good at something.

I hope tonight changed his mind.

Here's what he came up with (I have left it entirely as is, no editing of grammar or spelling):

The Life Giving Sun
Let them be the moon
Always cool, mysterious, the controller of the tides,
But only able to reflect the sun

Id rather be a bright, warming sun,
Beaming down on all, like eyes in a meteor shower,
Always giving, but never taken from.

To break through the surface of clouds,
To shine, to be uncontainable in a never ending sky,
To shine in a forever lasting universe,
Day by day, it will be free,
beyond The blackholes and galaxies,

I'd rather shine on my own,
Then to be alone, in the darkness,
Only to be howled at by the wolves,
Or chased by the astaurnauts,
To be walked on.

I'd rather begin a new day,
Than shine through the night,
If I could sail through the sky independently,
I'd rather be the life giving sun

Written by Daegan Lifsey

I love what he did with this, and I love that we worked on it together, and I love that we are still close enough to do these things -- even if it is just over the phone.


  1. Oh, so wonderful--your post and Daegan's poem that is so positive and bright. For him to see the personalities of the moon and sun is extraordinary. "Let them be the moon. I'd rather be the life giving sun." How powerful is that in a young man's thoughts?! Glad your within the realm of peace. Have a good year.

  2. Late commenting, but wanted to say how sweet this post is of yours, & a wonderful tribute to the relationship you have made with your son. He is quite a writer to have created this poem, can we say son of the sun? Thanks for sharing your special moment!

  3. Thanks for the sweet comments! It definitely was a great night and so nice that I got a little writing out of it, too. :)

  4. After coming off of an evening of 60 minutes which featured a piece on supporting teen gospel singers, I love the voice of your teen son which comes shining through in this poem. Your voice is pretty spectacular too, thanks for sharing.