My Week in Pictures: Back to School!

With the first week of school behind me, I feel a little more at ease and a little more anxious to move on to the big stuff! Funny how that works. As usual, I took a plethora of photographic evidence this week. So here is what was going on in my side of the world:
This was actually last week. I'm cheating, ha! But here's what the room looked like when I got back to school!
I was without air conditioning in my classroom for 3 days! 3 days!
First step: spruce up my desk!

Found a great scrapbook paper tree idea on pinterest, and got right to work!

Had to make time to search for the perfect Meet the Teacher outfit, or course.

Hung out in Glitter World for a while with my amazing teacher-in-crime and friend!

C'mon, you know this is awesome!

Nearly finished reading area.

Word Work space, with an almost finished Boggle Board!

Just thought I should let my students know...

Meet the Teacher Night sign-in station with a calendar to capture birthdays!

Another pinterest find that a teacher friend scribbled down for me...

My door, with fancy nameplate and wishlist!

I bedazzled that myself, yo.

A mind jar! See how it sparkles and shines??

Love letters from new students! They are SO fabulous!
We made our own "FaceBook Profiles" to post each other notes on!

This was a great first day activity!

First one goes up on the lockers. :)

How sweet is this? A cookie from one of my new girls.

Can't start a new year without decorating our writing journals!

And the dodecahedrons are always a big hit! Can't wait to hang these around the room.

Before we left on Friday, I showed off the new Cootie Catcher Multiplication Games. They didn't want to leave!
I went home last night and immediately started working on lesson plans and new stuff to add to the room, of course!
No wonder it feels like naptime!!
All in all, a very successful week! I love my kids, all the new ideas floating around, and of course -- the weekend!!


  1. You have been a busy Kellylou!! I love all of your decorations, especially the Awesome signs!

  2. Yay! I decided if I'm going to spend so much time in that room I should make it funfunfun!