2011: More or Less

The Year in Review survey got me thinking. I have some definite thoughts about what I want more and less of in my life this year. Going on the whole 'name it, claim it, sustain it' theory, I feel like I should put these things in words if I plan to make them happen. Here goes.

Guilt. I am the queen of feeling bad about... well, pretty much everything. It's pretty hard to enjoy your life when you're always feeling bad about something.
Crying. Dude. I am typically not a big mambsy-pambsy crier. Sure, movies and books might get me to cry, but ordinary stuff? Not so much. When Dos chose to go live with his dad in August, I became a never-ending Country music song of constant regret and sorrow. By October, even I was tired of listening to myself.
Fat. No, seriously. Less fat in my food, less fat on my body, less fat period.
Clutter. In the past couple of years, I've gotten pretty good about not hanging on to every rock, pebble, and blade of grass that held a precious memory. But 2011 will put all that to shame. I am dumping all the clutter, people. Just call me Minimalist Lou.

Activity. Three times a week, no excuses accepted, 30 minute minimum, I need to be up and moving. And once on the weekend. Sounds like a good plan.
Writing. Morning pages from The Artist's Way, 500 words a day in either of my blogs, and continued work with North Star Writing Project.
Reading. In 2010 I read 78 books. This year, with the help of the Centurions of 2011, I'm aiming for a minimum of 111 books.
Photographizing I love photography. Capturing emotion, architecture, beauty in unexpected places thrills me to pieces. So why not take time out every day to do this, at least once?
Time for friends. I tend to hermit myself away (see above writing, books, camera - not exactly group activities). This year, I'll have friends over at least once a month for games, drinks, and merriment.
Savings. I can't even begin to lament on how terrible I am with a budget. The kids even glance at something they want and I can feel myself grabbing for my wallet. Must. Practice. Control.
Gratitude. About four years ago I spent a weekend in San Francisco at a brain conference. The keynote speech was about how gratitude can change the brain. I actually tried the research with my class -- we journaled three things we were grateful for each day -- and found that the attitude in the class shifted dramatically. So this year, you'll see a new addition to the blog. Let me know what you think.

Just to get started, 
here is what I am most thankful for right now.

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