10 Things I Learned Today

Edify yourself:

  1. My ability to stay in the tense I originally started writing in is, shall we say, eccentric.  It's also slightly headache inducing.  More on this later.
  2. iMovie is my new bff.  Seriously.  Sadly, I spent far too much time with my new bff, and therefore did not accomplish half of the writing or multi-genre project pieces I had intended to complete today. #fail
  3. When the writing gets tough, the tough can play on the internets for hours.  Hours, I tell you!
  4. One can also find many delightful ways to feign writing.  For example: did you know that playing with font, margins, spacing, and researching proper manuscript format is all a part of the writing process?  Well of course it is!  Especially when you're angry at that whole aforementioned (check the big words, yo) past/present tense goblin (PPTG for short).
  5. Watching Zombieland while eating dinner is not conducive to total meal enjoyment.
  6. It is, however, extremely helpful in productivity rates.  Hiding behind Lapple 2.0 (what, you don't name your laptops and code them by product number?  Whatever.) meant that I was free from zoning out with the television to do much more important things, like play with iMovie ... erm, I mean, edit my video on boys & literacy.
  7. When your husband is too busy playing video games to notice that you are starving to death, and you are too lazy crushed with the responsibility of completing incredibly important projects that will change the world and make it a better place, dammit, eating Lucky Charms out of the box is a reasonable dinner option.
  8. I cannot write in the living room.  The Husband's volume level whilst playing xBox live makes my ears bleed, and sends me into fantasies that involve large battle axes.  What??  I simply meant I'm jealous that I don't get to play fun D&D type games... eesh.
  9. Because I cannot write in the living room, I must clear out the library for Improved Writing Time.
  10. There comes a time when you simply must close the books, turn off the computer, and recharge with a few hours of sleep.
That time would be now, dear reader.

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