Buying a car is an interesting process. I've been wanting to get into something a little less expensive, more reliable, and less gas-guzzling since last year. I figured this equation would bring me to a mom-mobile: a wide, boatesque, sort of road monster.

But I prepared myself with the finess of a fifty year old man armed with Consumer Report magazines and a fistful of Kelley Blue Book prices. I think I alarmed some friends with my dizzying search for information on which cars were the best bet for my mommish needs.

My search brought me to a Toyota Corolla. Oi. Mom-mobile central, right? Regardless, Panhandle and I took off to the nearest dealership, ready to test drive til we dropped. Miraculously, the Corolla wasn't as mommish as I feared. I even hopped into a little scion xa, thinking I would like this sporty little oddity better -- but I was wrong. The Corolla was a fun little car, with enough get up and go to make me happy -- and that's not an easy task.

Originally, I was going to buy the most basic of the Corolla's. Of course, I have a difficult time sticking to a plan. Although Panhandle is a little concerned about my new car's gangsta qualities and Elvis is still pouting at the lack of a moonroof, I'm seriously hyped about my new ride, yo.

After our first test drive in the CE, I just wasn't so sure. The seats fit funny, the steering wheel wouldn't tilt as much as I wanted, and Panhandle, Elvis and I were all laughing so much it was difficult to decide if the car was fun or we were delirious. I was so afraid it would drag on the highway that Panhandle kept yelling, "Vroom vroom!" from the backseat.

Vroom vroom indeed. I think Mike the Salesman was cowering in fear.

Elvis, ever the logical man, persuaded us to wait before making any purchases.

And so we waited.
And waited.
For a couple of days, anyway.

Last night found us back up at Vandergriff's with my good pal Mike. Mike, ever the earnest salesman, was ready and waiting with a brand-spanking-new Corolla S in my famourite colour of Impule Red for me to try out. He even pre-programmed my radio station and set my clock 5 minutes fast just like I wanted.

Mike's a good man. I highly recommend you see him next time you're buying a Toyota.

Hours later, and with a headache the size of Alaska, I had my car. We stuck to our guns and I got the exact price I wanted, with a lot of bonuses I wasn't expecting. I'm excited to have my new car, which Son Numero Uno has decided looks like a car from 2 Fast 2 Furious.

Clearly, he needs to get out more.

Many people are telling me the car needs a name. For now, it is simply Car. Uno voted for 2Fast, Elvis called it Jimmy, and Daegan wants to name it Rings. Alrighty then.

I'm not sure who started this whole 'name your car' business, but I'd like to have a word with them.

Until then, Car and I will be sporting around town all anonymous-like.

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