Elvis' New Role

I did not get roses for Valentine's Day, and boy am I thankful. My office was full of tulips, however. This makes me realize that I should have fresh flowers much more often. They make the office feel happy -- and I need that happy feeling quite often!

For Valentine's Day, Elvis became a proud daddy to a brand new bundle of joy named Dave. Dave is as adorable as any bouncing little boy can be! Elvis is incredibly proud and follows people around talking their ears off about how darn cute Dave is. In fact, he told complete strangers all about this new little addition when we were shopping for him. Dave is so cute that we just can't help but laugh when he clamps down on our toes and tries to run away. Dave is so cute that I've created a whole new children's book series based on him. That's pretty darn cute.

Dave is a basset hound. I would have posted a picture (or 35) of him, but you know how new parents can be. I wasn't sure Elvis wanted Dave's cute face plastered all over the Internet.

I don't think I've ever been more pleased by giving than I am with this. Being so happy with watching how much fun Elvis and Dave have -- I probably wouldn't have even noticed if Elvis hadn't given me a thing for V-Day.

Of course, Elvis is smarter than that, and I'm wearing one of my gifts right now.

Elvis is a good man.

We spent the weekend in sunny (or rainy, as the case may be) Florida. There was much reading, TV watching, and sleeping. Oh, and much Dave chasing.

It's hard to get used to being at home without them.

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