Citizen on Patrol?

On my way back to work from lunch this afternoon, I passed by an elementary school. Several classes were out enjoying the day, playing on swings and climbing on the playground equipment. This sight brought a smile to my face, as it would most people. That is, until I spotted several small boys pummeling the tar out of another child that was lying on the ground.

These boys could not have been older than 7 or 8 and they were taking turns holding up a smaller boy -- kicking and punching him as the other boys jumped around in a raucous circle.

Well, what's a girl to do? I pulled over and watched for some sort of teacher intervention.

None came.

I waited, knowing that this was a large playground and it might take a moment for a teacher to take note of the crowd.

Still, nothing.

So ... I left my car running, left my door open, and ran over to the fence where they were. After several attempts at getting their attention, they stopped. Like any good OLD person, I yelled out, "Boys, stop that! That is not acceptable behavior!"

Really. Like they didn't know that.

But they did stop, and a few of the boys wandered away while some stayed and sat on the ground with serious interest in the rate of growth of the grass in front of them.

I looked around for teachers, and still saw none. I really felt that someone would have approached me and told me to stop yelling at the students. Or that some wild chanting of "Stranger Danger!" would rise and I'd be off to jail for harassing children.

But I still wasn't satisfied.

So I went to the school office. There were parents there. I'm sure they appreciated me in their office.

"Excuse me... Yes, I'm sorry... but I was just driving by and their is a small group of boys outside on your playground beating the tar out of each other. There aren't any teachers to stop the fight. Perhaps you could do something."

And then I left, because, you know -- the parents were looking a little concerned at the presence of a crazy lady in their school.

Besides, my lunch was getting cold.

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