Who knew that the holidays could be relaxing? I'm completely mystified with how simply divine the past week went off.

I spent the first day of my Thanksgiving holiday lounging in bed, reading and watching TLC. This was a much needed treat, but by the end of the day I was definitely ready to get out. When Elvis finished his work day, we went for a yummy pasta dinner at a fun egyptian restaurant. Hm. But it was definitely good eats. I'm currently jealous that he got to finish off the pizza we took home! After dinner, Seestah, Memo and Fathead wanted to visit so we zoomed over to Target and Kroger to do some much needed Thanksgiving dinner shopping.

Let us take a moment to discuss Elvis' absolute hatred of shopping. Elvis + Shopping = Armegeddon.
The End.

So we made it through our very speedy shopping trip unscathed, and even though he seems to think I nearly beat him over the head with cookies and therefore nearly engaged in our first ever fight (Seriously yo, we've still yet to argue. Odd, that.), all I can remember from the evening is that when the shopping was done and we were in our car on the way back home, all I could do was stare at him and realize that I loved him more than ever.

Aww, the mushiness never ends!

So the family peoples came over, movies were watched, I made some food for Thanksgiving and round about 3am we decided it was time for sleep.

And so we slept.

Thanksgiving was so perfect it hurts. Elvis went to work for an hour or so, I cooked mas food, and the family peoples came over. We ate, we drank, we played cards, and all was well with the world.

And then we slept some more.

Ever so early Friday morning, Seestah and I took Fathead for his first ever Christmas shopping trip. It was much fun. I bought many things. And then I freaked out and got all my hair chopped off. It's darn cute. I'm delighted. Elvis loves it and that makes it even better.

Saturday took Elvis and I to Austin for one more big dinner, more cards (we lost a game of Canasta for the first time ever! Oh, the pain!), and ice cream. Ice cream is good. Elvis' family is better.

Last night we picked up the boys from their dad's house. They spent the week playing with fire, playing WWF Smackdown, and being threatened with paddles. Hm. Oh, and they smelled of smoke. Sounds like they had fun. At least their Christmas holidays will be fun and healthy. What a peculiar combination.

Today I get the key to my new home! Much excitement there. We move this weekend. We can't wait!

New total on the Costa Rica trip: $225! Woo! One week and one hundred more dollars!

Hope everyone had a Thanksgiving that was as stress-free as mine.

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