Hurray and hurray, it seems that Blogger and I may finally have reached an understanding.

There is no possible way to catch you up on the past month, but let's see what I can come up with. In a list, of course.

Still struggling with issues between church and school.
I'm going to work with kids in Costa Rica in March. Mis hijos will trek on up to the windy city for a family visit while I'm reading storybooks in espanol and hiking through the rain forest.
I'm moving! As fun as this home has been, it's time to move on. Check this out: I'll have two whole bathrooms, carpet, a dining room and a breakfast nook, a big ole honkin' living room wired for surround sound, and my own personal study all shoved into less than 1700 square feet. I feel like I'm moving from a shack to a mansion. God is good. The best part? Stormwa gets to move into this place, and Seestah and Memo get my new stove since the one in their new place isn't working. Snazzy.
Elvis is into this whole redecorating thing and has redone his place. It looks pretty spiffy, and we'll be feasting on turkey at his place this year.
Christmas plans are all sorts of screwy. I'm spending my two weeks off in Austin, at home, and Houston. Oh yeah, and then cruising back down to Austin for some spanky New Year's Eve plans, too.
Donal is cuter than ever, and I no longer have to covet him since women are beginning to form a line around the block to carry my unborn child. Woo!

So that's about it. Memo has a job interview on Monday, I'll be gone for a week conme Tuesday, then I'm moving, and Christmas will be here way too soon.

But I seriously cannot wait to decorate my new place. Pictures will be here soon!

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