Now that I am keeping track (daily) of how much money I (don't) have, and what bills are being paid when ... wow! I have no idea how I made it this far in life without really being detailed about that. It is such a good feeling to know exactly how much money I have at all times, and to be fully aware of when I need to pay my bills.

Hm. Imagine that.

Sometimes I just have to sit back and think, 'Wow God, am I really worthy of all these blessings?'

I called the photography studio that did Child Numero Dos' pictures and told them I just can't afford to buy them right now, but that I really wanted them. I asked her if I could just wait until November to buy my set. She's a parent at my school and told me that since I have always been so understanding with any problems they have ever had, she would give me a complete package -- on the house! How awesome is that?

Then Panhandle slipped a card with grocery money onto my desk! She knows how tight things are right now, and she just amazes me with her kindness. Inside the card was this scripture:
"All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of his posessions was his own, but they shared everything they had."
Acts 4:32

I feel so blessed that I feel guilty! But I know that everything is provided in the right time, and even though I have been fretting for the past two weeks wondering how I would make it through this month ... well, there's just no reason to worry. No reason at all.

Last night when my kids returned home, we had the most fabulous time. I read a devotional to them, and then Child Numero Dos read a story to me! Me!! I didn't have to help him! What a major triumph for us! Then Child Numero Uno was reading his own devotional and asked me about the scripture. I showed him how to look it up in my old Bible I had been given in third grade. He was so excited! We just had a great time.

And we all got up on time this morning!

Woo-hoo, what a great couple of days we've had. So -- no great revelations, no amazing insights, no ground breaking news.

For once, everything is just normal. Average. Calm and enjoyable. Someone remind me of this next time I whine!

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