Everything you do contains a lesson, right? Well. At the State Fair I learned...

Big Tex ain't so big.
Fried oreos make me strangely apathetic.
People should not spin around inside of giant monkeys.
Either I've gotten slow in my old age, or photo booths take pictures much quicker than they used to.
My kids have no aim whatsoever. None. Hope they do well in the arts.
Texas Discover Gardens is one of the most beautiful places I've seen in a long time.
I would like a Jaguar please and thank you.
Giant balls of fire make me laugh. I'm a little concerned by this.
The White House is really big! Eesh. Who needs that much space, really?
People should not make out in public. My kids don't like it.
Paddle boating looks more fun than it really is.
Seeing Daegan laugh is priceless.
People are generally rude, and should be more careful in a crowd.
Staying late for something special (even when you're tired) is definitely worth it.
Strawberry cheesecake ice cream is quite lovely.
Bird people on stilts make me happy. I would like to own some.
Steven loves roller coasters, and I'm glad I took him on his first.
Nothing completes a day better than snuggling up to someone you love.

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