Working from home is a delicious pleasure that, more often than not, turns into just being at home and occasionally glancing at the materials I should be working on.

But today I started out by making several important phone calls, one of which was to my new preschool director. She is such a passionate person that I can't wait to start working with her. We traded ideas on how to make teachers and students more enthusiastic, how to make sure that classrooms run smoothly, and how to be certain that the curriculum is handled appropriately.

Then an old colleague called and we caught up; she's working for a new school and needed some help with job descriptions. I was happy to talk to her about that and we're meeting up later on today so I can give her the documents she needs. Then we talked about our schools and our problems and all the other little things that make our jobs so interesting.

And I've been brainstorming about in-service ideas, team-building opportunities, and some educational philosophy stuff. I'm thinking I may need to take a trip to the local educator's store and check out their resource material. I need a new theme based curriculum for our after school program.

I don't think I can accurately describe how fired up I get when I'm working on these things. I never knew that I could be so in love with my work that I would get giddy when talking about it.

Not that I think its a bad thing. It's one of the best feelings I've ever encountered. I just can't learn enough about my work and I hope that I always feel this way. I feel very blessed to have come to work at the school I am at, where my ideas are appreciated and my own education is constantly supported.

Today is a very good day.

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