Woohoo! My one trip to the gym makes it so much easier to answer there...

3 For Thursday

a. What three pieces of exercise equipment do you enjoy using the most (Nautilus, free weights, treadmill, exercise bike, stairmaster, etc).
I likah de exercise bike, de elliptical machinery, and de free weights!
b. Which 3 units do you hate to use (but know it does you the most good).
Hrm. I don't like that thing you hang from for the inverted crunches, you couldn't pay me enough to get on a stairmaster, and I don't like ... well, that's it, really.
c. If you have (or could have) a home gym, what 3 pieces of equipment would you consider a "must"?
Oh my, I would need an elliptical trainer, one of those fancy total body workout weight lifting gizmos, and a cute guy to hold my towel for me.
BONUS: If someone made a device that guaranteed to put you in great physical shape without having to go to the gym and/or work out, would you use it?
Oh yes. Oh yes I would. I would even buy it if it was sold on TV! But I hope it wouldn't break later on, because that would make me sad.
BONUS-BONUS: Do you think of a gym only as a great way to meet women or guys?
Eek no! People should be working out and getting de cute body at the gym, not talking to members of the opposite sex! If I could find a decent women-only gym, I would. Those freaky men need to stay away!

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