This weekend I learned...
hamburgers should never be as large as your head
men don't like baby showers
people do like bread served in a swadling cloth
chicken from a basket is mighty tasty
my mom can still embarrass me
styrofoam sculptures are fun and pass the time in a lull
rum livens up a baby shower
there's not much that is more comforting than holding a newborn baby
going to the ballpark really is fun!
music played during baseball games also makes great wedding march material
Elvis is a little strange, but I love him anyways
everyone should have a Mapsco Man in the back of their car
your favourite news source and mine has an ugly pegasus problem
it's really hard to make it to church at 8:15am
Starbuck is our hero, and the Siren is coffee
the knowingest doesn't know much at all
I sorta like Austin
I'm quite a big girl
water in a plastic bags makes flies go away
I want a great dane too, darn it
canasta has many a good attribute, but the best one is bringing a family together for a lot of laughter
Matt can't keep a secret, and people shouldn't try to sneak off to Mexico without telling their mom
don't have a cell phone in your pocket while sitting near a pool
always bring a swimsuit if you know a pool will be at your destination
no bed is ever as comfy as your own
Sex in the City is not the optimum family viewing material
it's possible that I suck at Halo
seeing a place through someone elses eyes can help you to remember why you used to love it
UT is a great place to go to school
even though the tower has a questionable history
it's perfectly normal to see a guy in a thong on 6th street
I loves me some chai with organic milk
when taking summer classes, one should always do homework before galavanting around the state
a really good weekend can give you a perma-smile
and I like that a lot.

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