Oh, mother.

So I'm happily reading my Business Today! book, interested and involved. The mom, in her unending desire for television, calls to me from afar (or just around the corner). It appears the cable is out. Now, this concerns me since I am listening (as I read, I swear!) to your favourite news source and mine, TXCN. As this happens to only be available via the lovely cable peoples, I drop my lovely text to go figure out what is the mattah.

"Look," she proclaims, "There is just a black screen!"

I look. She is indeed correct. The television is on, yet there is no picture. How can this be? How did this happen? Who is the culprit? What shall we do?!

In an act that I can only call inventive and brave, I reached forward and let the tip of my finger gently nudge the power button on the cable box.

And the natural order of the free world was restored.

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