What do I love?

I love when lawyers have good news.
I love movies that make me laugh after they've made me cry.
I love the eggplant, my new favourite ... lightbulb?
I love the smell of the rain, even when it is the end of an evening.
I love how my sister holds her tummy when she is sitting, because soon she will be holding a baby there instead.
I love Daegan's laughter, and I love that he leaps into his hugs with more fervor than most people will ever know.
I love that Steven has to explain to me everything he learns, in intricate detail, as if it's the most delicious piece of knowledge he has ever heard.
I love the spontaneous hugs my kids at school run to give me. I will miss that this summer.

But mostly ... mostly I love how one moment in a person's life can alter it forever. I love that just when you've given up and started paying more time investigating cracks in the sidewalk than watching where you are walking, the most innocent of nudges takes you spinning away into an entirely different direction altogether -- forcing you to look up, to really just look once more.

Yep. That's what I love.

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