Bill (through Shannon) tells me that Daegan may be in good company, and who can argue that?

Today brought news that when the new gym opens there will be a plethora of classes, including pilates, boot camp, yoga, aerobics, personal consultants, and tae kwon do. I'm certainly hyped, as I need an addition to my walks. My partners are more of the strolling variety than the walk til you drop variety, so there ya go. Towards the end of last year I mentioned that one of my goals for this year would be to join some sort of class -- one that would help me meet new people and get stronger, so this will definitely fit the bill.

Also, I finally succumbed to the pressure and joined netflix. I've gotten into the habit of watching a movie when I get home from work -- my newest detox method. I pop in a video while I add up my (p)oints, and get ready for dinner. It's much more relaxing than sitting in front of the computer, but was beginning to get pricey. My first three movies are Traffic, which I've already seen but really enjoyed, Crazy/Beautiful, which I was told to see a long, long time ago, but never got to it, and the second Harry Potter flick, because I absolutely must watch it soon, as I told my kids they can't see it until I do. Not as thrilled about that one as the other two, but hey -- I'm all about giving. Eheh.

More and more at work I have a sinking feeling, like I should know more than I do, accomplish more ... be more. Actually, this really sums up my daily feelings at work. I know I must have been placed into this position for a reason -- and quite possibly it is so that I will finally get over my fear of letting people down and finally learn that it is simply impossible to be perfect, or please everyone. But I still want to be perfect, I still want to please everyone, and I still fear I will fail miserably.

I watched Lovely and Amazing yesterday, and although I found the film lacking, I found a lot of truth in the women's struggles and relationships. At one point, Elizabeth (played by Emily Mortimer) stands naked in front of a new lover and requests that he tell her everything he likes and dislikes about her body.

I honestly don't think I have the courage to ever ask that sort of thing of anyone.

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