I am completely ready to begin some sort of massive pill consumption in hopes that my obsessive thought patterns will go away. Seriously, if I could make it through just one day without frantically being consumed by a train of one-way thoughts, I might feel moderately normal.

Today I met with my new (wonderful!) first grade teacher, networked with an autism specialist, and ran a mile with my son, and watched butterflies creepy-crawl out of their chrysalis'. I feel accomplished.

Also, my hair is no longer scary and my thighs are just slightly slimmer.

How can I not feel good?

Tonight I take the boys to visit the sistah, where we may or may not swim, will definitely eat dinner, and plan to spend the night. In the morning there is a desk transportal task and then we shall happily run off to the Arts Festival.

Sadly, there is something itching in the back of my mind that will bounce upon my brain and render me incapable of truly enjoying myself all weekend.

So yes, I am ready for an arsenal of pills. Or a brain transplant. Or perhaps even a kick in the head.

That might work just fine.

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