Hurrah and hurray, the Stormwa has found herself a niche. Congrats, girly. Is is so proud.

News news news ... hm. La seestah is having a bouncing baby boy! I am ever so excited and cannot wait to get my hands on the little munchkin and spoil him to no end. The silly little doctor says she is due on September 8th but we all know that is ridiculous, as my birthday is the 6th, and if the child is smart, he'll wish to share a birthdate with me. Soon I shall take many pictures of de belly, and post them all over the internet for the world to see. I do this out of love, of course.

Also! Upon telling the lovely school board that I felt it was going to be too much craziness to run the preschool along with the elementary school, they asked me to choose which I would prefer to lead. Eh. Heh. Not a difficult choice to make, and suddenly I find myself released (or soonly) from the hohum so as to better spread my passion around. And oh, what passion there is.

Speaking of passion! May is going to be one roller coaster month, full of fireworks and farmacies. Er. Anyway. I have mucho mas commitments, a surgery date, and so much more! Also in May we will find ourselves immersed in an end and a beginning. Who knew May could be so much fun?

In the meantime folks, go out and get some fresh air. This girl ain't got no more to say.

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