Update Schmupdate

1 nifty thing learned this weekend: I might have mad cow disease. Please check back in 20 years for the results.

1 nifty new possibility: A new part time job in one of my dream careers, do you know what that is?

1 not so new and really not nifty possibility: Surgery, soon.

1 nifty new item obtained: Nike Xccelerator tennies to be used at the gym where I shall become a modern goddess, mhm

1 nonnifty nusance: $20 hair colouring kits that turn hair popcorn yellow and carrot orange and require a professional fix for an extra $120!

1 novel approach: Fighting until you laugh. Ass.

1 new addiction: Cindy Taylor

1 new need to visit show: La Femme (I've never been so excited about turning 30 before!)

1 nifty thought: Incredible Hope

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