Oh yeah.

And last night I dreampt that I went to a boy band concert, where I was quickly shoved up on stage and thrown a microphone. I heartily sang a lovely ballad with uhm... a boy band member I am too ashamed to name. He then jumped into the crowd in a moment of gleeful ... glee. Upon his return, he proposed.

I left then, signing my sister's name on a mortgage and purchasing a multi-million dollar home. At this point I was ushered into one of the most fantastic architectural structures I have ever seen, but dream-me wasn't very impressed, so I moved to one of the bedrooms where I found an ex-boyfriend of Shannon's. We sat together for awhile, snorted mucho mas drugs into our cute little noses, and I went about my way.

When I found the kitchen, my mom was cooking and my (very pregnant) sister walked in immediately demanding to know if I had done drugs with her ex. Of course I said no, and she was relieved, believing that she was now safe from drug use as well.

Saddened by my lies and worried Justi-- er... the boy band member would find me, I left for outer space.

Upon finding a new planet, I was told to watch out the window for Earth, for as we came over the horizon I would be able to see it, and it was supposed to be a wonderful sight. I did in fact see Earth, but was fairly unimpressed. This was mostly because of a giant -- bigger than anything I could possibly describe -- blue sphere that was directly above me. It may have been a moon or another planet... I hve no idea, but it was much more enticing than Earth and I felt it was calling me to it.

So I decided to go there.

But then I woke up and thankfully the life of fleeing boy band members and snorting odd drugs was over.

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