I've spent all day at work today (and yes, I'm still here) deciding what to do in the case of a biochemical attack against our country.

That, paired with the hazey gray skies, has been enough to plummet my mood into a state of worry and confusion.

How is it that things can get so out of hand that I must decide on how to adequately care for nearly 100 students in the event that they are suddenly locked into our facility for more than 24 hours?

It maks me angry that I am forced to even look into the possibility. It makes me angry that I had to read up on mustard gas and actually pay attention to the news, just to be certain my school's children will be given the security they need and deserve.

I know a lot of countries have to deal with major trauma on a constant basis. I'm not ignorant of the fact that we're very lucky, all things considered.

I just need a moment to be an egotistical American and be outraged over the fact that I have to stock up on water and non-perishable foods. Thanks.

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