Since bellydancing has kicked my arse and made me decide I really must get into better shape, a couple of friends and I have gotten together and decided to race each other to physical fitness.

Apparently I've lost my mind.

So Shannon and I are going to face off in situps and pushups and Crystal and I are going to bellydance, TaeBo, aerobicize, and cycle our way to some sort of amazing new aerobic health.

Sooo ... I'll keep a daily tally on the sidebar, and we'll all ooh and ahh over my amazing strength. Or we'll laugh and either way it'll be a good time for everyone.

Sadly I realized after taking this on that my surgery gives me a bit of a problem. Either I'll have to do more than them before the 20th, or we'll have to stop the race on the 19th. The winner gets stuff!!

And we all want stuff, don't we?

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