In looking forward to the new year, I've decided it's time to round out my interests. Currently I'm trying to decide between yoga, aikido, or dance classes. I already do yoga at home, and I'm not very keen on the thought of my big butt sticking up in the air in front of an entire class of people. Aikido sounds like it would be beneficial in several ways, so it may win. Tanya wants me to take dance with her, and those would be private classes, which sort of ruins the entire "meet new people" aspect of taking classes.

I finally found a decent looking place for riding lessons that is nearby, so I'll give them a ring this week. I can't really do much until after my surgery on the 20th, but it doesn't hurt to know my options after that.

It has occurred to me recently that all this could end rather abruptly and I might never have done all the things I've wanted to do. So I may as well try, even if I'm no good at it, or decide I simply detest it -- for at least then I can say I did it.

And yes, no matter what it is, plenty of humiliating pictures shall be taken for all to enjoy!

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