My links will have to wait until my rib cage and abdomen stop feeling like an elephant sat on them.

I've watched more movies in the past 24 hours than should be humanly possible, and now when I pass between wakefulness and sleep, I find my dreams are becoming more and more distorted. They are like sci-fi movies but the cast is a hodge podge of people from my past and present.

And interestingly enough, people from my past are crawling out of the woodwork. The strangest thing is that the people that have turned up are people that have been on my heart recently. And now here they are, popping up out of nowhere, sliding back into my life as if they were never gone to begin with. I'm not sure how or why that happens, but it's a truly fascinating phenomenon.

This world of ours is a confusing place. Even more so when you're taking darvaset for days on end.

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