I couldn't sleep, mostly due to my sporadic sleep schedule as of late, so I've been up watching movies, researching a few things, and talking to friends.

Soon I'll take my medicine and drift into sleep again. For now, I get to lie back and enjoy the unexpected thunderstorm that snuck up on me.

I used to think that I needed routine, that safety could only be found in what was known.

But I think I like the unexpected (to some degree). I do not like unexpectedly not hearing from people for days on end, but that's another story.

This evening my phone rang, waking me from yet another crazed dream about aliens and oceans.

It was Keith, on his way to my place with a get well gift.

About ten seconds after hanging up the phone and remembering that I had my hair in pigtails and people were now on route to my house, there was a knock at the door.

It was the lovely Stormwa. She was simply dropping by to check on me!

Then Keith and his cousin arrived and he gave me some fuzzy blue slippers!

I love fuzzy blue slippers, unexpected visitors, and thunderstorms!

And apparently, I love exclamation points too.

Tonight we do our fun and exciting gift exchange and get to find out who bought what for whom! Or whom bought wombs for what! How exciting.

Incidentally, pain killers only work on physical pain. I'm afraid I'll be needing prozac shortly.

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