Lauren says I need to update, and so update I shall. I think I just don't enjoy whining here, telling the world (never knew 3 people makes up a world, did you?) of all my woes.

Besides the fact that both my computers have chosen to die at the same time, I've also suddenly found myself in charge at work. My director is off bringing more children, or I guess more child, into the world. Enter Kelly, Acting Director, at least until the end of December.
This has been an interesting change. No longer am I the woman that makes the copies, runs the errands, and takes out the garbage! Oh no, now I can do all these things and so much more! The funny thing is, I've found that I love taking care of the more directorial side of things, and if she doesn't return in January, I'd be more than delighted to carry on director of the school. The down side is that I still have to do all my work, and this leaves me working over 12 hours a day on average. Hopefully I will be compensated generously in a financial sort of way (read: I want some serious cash, yo). More than likely, I won't get much -- but I can't say I mind all that much, because I love this school and would do nearly anything for it, the children, and their families.

Along with my excited new sorta-career as a sorta-director, I've had some rather big yet unexciting medical news. After my fun frolic through the emergency room (which I can no longer remember if I posted about and am too lazy too look for), the strange and eerie sonogram from hell, and the nurses that should have been drill sergeants, I finally saw my new (and improved!) doctor last week. He immediately (well, you know, after waiting a few hours on my sonogram results) scheduled me for surgery. So, ladies and gentleman, on December 20th, yours truly shall waltz into the hospital for a few several different procedures, and not so elegantly waltz back out again. To be honest, I don't even know yet if I'll require a hospital stay. It all depends on what is found when they go finding what needs found out. If all goes well, I'll go home the same day. If all goes not so well, I'll stay in the hospital a bit and be down and out for several weeks. So wish me well, because I'm really a little girl at heart and I am very, very scared.

But back to more exciting things. I have plans to pay off my debt to the school and return in the spring! Wooie and celebration, I hope it all works out. I actually have many ziborous (I made that up! I believe it means excitingly fabulous overly hopeful and wonderful) plans for the future, some which cannot even be discussed until they come to fruition (I didn't make that up!). And for one of said lovely plans, Lauren should perhaps get in touch with me about domain names and the like. Hinteth, hinteth.

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