It's a tiring thing, first week on the job. And I have fingernails now and can't type worth a crap. Ok, I promised an update, if I can stop sneezing. Ugh.

I get 10 bucks an hour, 40 hours a week guaranteed, even if I don't work 40 hours! How you ask? Weeell, if your time card is imaculate and you have your appoinments quota according to the percentage of the hours you've worked that week, they pay you your 40 hours! For instance, I went home early Thursday and Friday. But I still get my 40. I love this job. And not only that. You get 10 bucks for every appointment you set. And I've set 9 so far, so that's ninety extra dollars on next weeks check.

Plus, we provide a vauable service. Our company sets up Living Trusts for those people over 55 years old, and also annuities. I get .1 percent of whatever the agent sells, as well. So our checks could have some nice, sizeable, surprises on them. ;) And I have my own desk, WITH I might add a view..... I'm 5 floors up.

So there is your update. I watched the Mothman Prophesies today. Interesting story.
Have a wonderful Sunday. I have other things to say, but I'm going over to Kelly's to watch, The Ya Ya's!!!

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