I find this guy particularly amusing. And as I always say, amusment is good for the soul. Well, maybe I don't always say that, but I probably think it. Or in the very least, I dream it. It's like my sleep mantra. Right.

So I had to substitute teach in one of the classes today. At nap time, I popped in the ever-so-lovely lullabye tape and began to find suitable pictures for the next great collage. Anyway. A song came on and I head the lyric "A wish is a dream your heart makes, when you're fast asleep". I noticed the definite Disney ickyness to the tune, thought of Crystal for a fleeting moment, and then got back to hthe business of being generally pissed off about this song. A wish is a dream your heart makes?? Honestly. If my heart is making wishes through my dreams, I'm in serious trouble. Last night I dreampt I went on a wild goose chase searching for blue baby blankets at very unlikely stores.

As a side note, while trying to find out how the rest of the song goes with the amazing help of google, I came across this..., which is actually a store in the town I live in. And if you knew anything about my adorable little cowtown, you'd know how truly unreal it is to accidentally find it. Anywhere. Even people just 20 minutes away from here don't even know where here is. Scary. Of course, now that I think of it, that store probably isn't the best introduction to Burleson. Uhm. Quick, go look at the golf course!

Anyway. I had a point here. Honestly. It was something like: Hate dumb Disney songs, like funny promo-guy. Yep. That's about it. I had somne interesting thoughts earlier about time and God's hiccups, but it's all lost now.

Weird fact of the day: There were more than just a few random mentionings of teeth or oral hygene on the blogs I read today. The planets must be aligned for world peace. Go forth and make babies. But only if you have a good dental plan.

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