There are times in ones life where one should say, "Ok, enough is enough." But then..... you turn around and *poof*, there something in your way. Keeping you from progressing. Stagnating you. Stabbing you. And you wonder, if I had done something with my life, would I be here right now where I am. So you kick yourself in the ass, get clinically depressed about the whole situation and then start all over again. It's amazing we don't have more people killing employees and more companies going belly up. Because I for one can identify with them. Our world is turning into a cesspool of shit. And when it's all said and done I really want to look back and say I added one shred of decency to it, not contributed to the shit.

Oh and thank you my Kelly for letting me to continue to post.
And in other news: I may not have a phone Monday so you all will have to chew on this post until I get back.
Now go take a bath, and wash off the world.

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