My solution to life's problems: Get a haircut. Chop it all off. Buy a new wardrobe. Pretend you are someone you are not. Eat a lot of ice cream. And chocolate. Or at least two servings of everything. Maybe three. Gain fifty pounds. Shut out the light. Turn off the music. Enjoy the silence. Listen to your heartbeat and wonder when it will stop short. Or stop long. Read a lot of books. Pretend you are the characters you are watching in the movies. Decide to move to another state and hope your life changes irratically upon moving. Avoid your friends, and if you must talk to them, don't tell them what is really going on. Pray. Then look up to the sky and wonder if God is up there busy clipping his holy toenails and too busy listening to The Vines on his discman to answer his phone. Sleep. A lot. All day. Whenever you can. Dream, but ignore that your nightmares have returned. Stare at the bottle of Trazedone and wonder "what if". Cut all ties with anyone important. Do this for as many weeks as it takes. Brainwash yourself. Remember that you used to be so good at self-brainwashing. Wonder what happened that made it so difficult to redo. Remember that you said you weren't going to hide anymore and in fact, what has happened is you weren't hiding at all but now you are. Invest in a good anti-bacterial soap to wash away all those lies.

Then one day, wake your whiny, self-depreciating, melodramatic, why-the-hell-me self up and get on with your life.

Or continue to pretend that you don't mind wasting 1/6th of your life.

Choose, because noone will choose for you.

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