Oh. I forgot to post my favorite quotes from the trip to NY. One of them happens to be the quote of the century.

Quote of the Century
Shannon, as we walk through the mall: You know... now that we're in New York I don't feel so out of place, so awkward... because they're used to all us model types.
Me: Uh. What??
Shannon: I said that I don't feel like I stick out so much here you know... because there are so many tall people.
Me: Uh. Right.

Not the Quote of the Century, but still fun
Rob, in reference to a fight he was in: And it was on like a pot of neckbones!
Rob, in reference to some girl: She was cool like a fan.
Rob in reference to swearing: I'm sorry, I have such a potty mouth. I swear!

This guy it totally quotable, in one of the strangest ways I've ever seen.

So all in all it was a time of fun quotes, most of which I forgot the day after the wedding, for reasons obvious.

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