I've been really upset with myself lately (not at all obvious, right?) and have been trying to think of how to make myself get off my arse and do something about it.

Apparently cutting my hair wasn't the solution I was hoping for, since I happen to really miss my long hair. I'm going to hope for a strange and wonderful quick-growth spurt. I'll let you know how that works out for me. So, since hair didn't do it for me, I've decided to try (once again) to lose weight. But wait, there's more! I'm not really that concerned with the weight loss (read:I am a big liar), what's important is my health! We all want to live happy, healthy lives, right? And I seem to recall a not so distant time that I spent without dairy or meat and boy was I happy. And healthy! Wow, what a bright idea. Oh, to relive my youth. Or at least, my last summer. So. Kelly joins the ranks of the dieting nation again. Except, lets not think of this as a diet... let's think of it as a healthy lifestyle change, yes... yes, that's it.

And my plan, since I've already joined many an online weight loss club, is to make weekly announcements here about how much damn fun I am having.

So. That's what's new. Feel free to tell me about any new and wonderful exercize routines that don't involve me breaking my knee, since it is still popping in and out of general kneeness on a daily basis. Also, if anyone knows any lose 593 pounds in 2 weeks scams that don't cost a fortune, I'll try those and report back here. I think we can all learn to laugh at my life, one day at a time, don't you?

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