So the Google name search thing. Why does my every sentence start with "so"?

Kelly is!:

Kelly is a master of amusing contemporary romance

Kelly is to Join the Republic of Irelands World Cup team

Kelly is no angel

Kelly is fighting for a brighter and safer future for all Americans.

Kelly is understandably devastated by being labelled a pervert

Kelly is so amazingly popular and in such demand

Kelly is a cute black, white, and tan collie

Kelly is deceased.

Kelly is a child of God and this is the core of her being

Kelly is Irish and has a love of all things Celtic

Kelly is proud

Kelly is Just a human like all of us

Kelly is a great choice

Kelly is Queen (woohoo!)

This is Kelly. She is alive

Kelly is an Australia legend

KELLY IS SEXY (VoD). Now Only: $8.99

Kelly is being sued by yet another girl

Kelly is appearing Sundays at 3pm only

Kelly is some sort of walking ATM machine

Kelly is about to make you smile

Kelly is more than a song

Kelly is 30, a lefty, a writer finishing his first book, a world traveler, a chocoholic, sometimes, a master-blaster, depending on what that is

Kelly is not happy

Kelly is the proverbial popular girl

Kelly is the most famous criminal in Australian history

Kelly is moving slowly

Kelly is our hero

Kelly is one of the living Anarchists

Kelly is someone to watch

Kelly is ok if you have a old cheap board and don't mind hitting rocks (eh?)

Kelly is available

Kelly is sitting in a Sheraton Hotel room

Kelly is collectible

Kelly is pregnant

Kelly is a marine mammal


Kelly is universally recognized as the greatest surfer of all time

Kelly is one of America's most prolific writers

Kelly is a first-time space traveler.

Kelly is a true romantic

Kelly is disabled and unemployed

Kelly is a great way to start your day!

Man. I've been busy.

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