Oops. I hurt my leg. I went to the hospital. I took pics.

My ER room was small, and I they had a big curtain that made it impossible for me to watch cute doctors walk by.

They were fully stocked on evil drugs, just waiting for an opportunity to inject me with death.

Waiting was no fun, and I had no pillow for my head. I was sad.

Then they x-rayed me with the x-ray machine of doom. I couldn't take pictures in there!

Then the doctor said, "Wear this!"
I guess he didn't know I am moving this week.

I wanted to go home, but didn't fit in my car, so I had to ride on the roof.

Doc said to put my knee on ice. So I did. Sort of. It was icey cold.

Daisy thought it was an excellent ice pack. To eat.

When she found out she couldn't eat that, she tried to kill me.

And so ends my ER Trip of Doom. Thanks for tuning in.

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