If my 8 year old child does not stop throwing his ball against the front door I may get irrational.

Today I take the oldest boy, the youngest boy, and the oldest boys friend to see Star Wars. I may at some point regret this, but I get to eat popcorn and drink a slushie, so who's to complain? Of course, I've already seen the Star Wars movie and would rather see something new. The sad fact is, I've seen almost everything that is out right now. There is also the fact that I'll be seeing another viewing of this movie in St Louis next week. How much Star Wars can one person take in a three week period??

The hiding landlord is in fact, still hiding, so I have no idea when we will be moving. Pray it's soon, or I may hurt someone. Or myself. It's not a good situation.

By the way, 10 years ago next month I graduated from high school. That seems so small and unimportant now. 10 years ago next month (two days post graduation) I flew from Holland to Florida to live with Randy. Le sigh. 10 years ago come September, on my birthday, he proposed. I'm wondering how I'll feel this birthday. 10 years ago this month I was running all over the small country of Holland like a crazed vixen, breaking hearts and closing down bars. Scary, when you think I was 17. Funny how things change. How the circle goes 'round.

Why'd it take me 10 years to be comfortable in my own bare feet?

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