The engagement party is this weekend and still I have slightly more than one thousand things to do. But I'm getting closer, and although I've never seen my mother as a creative person, she's helped me put together a few things and that has been very helpful. What's left are just odds and ends, little things that will (hopefully) help this party to be a success. I'm not sure why I'm so worried about it, but I suppose that is just the perfectionist in me. Yay.

I still haven't gotten in touch with the landlord for the new place, but hopefully I will be able to soon. I'm ready to put down the deposit -- without even seeing the inside of the place. What a scary thought.

It seems like there was a time when I could post here about my reflections on the world around me and not just my daily drivel. I miss that. I'm hoping that two months from now that will have changed.

Because finally, I can tell things are moving. There is no more stagnation (uhm, sure, that's a word). The wheels are rolling and I'm just waving to the strangers passing by.

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