I'm feeling a bit like the little white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. So much to do, and not exactly aware of the complete situation. I'm just going through the motions, paddling with the belief that if I'll stop there will be no one there to save me.

I've made four new designs, but none I am happy enough with to use on this site.

Dresses have been picked out for Shan's wedding and I am in love with the choices (it doesn't hurt that I am going to look oh-so-snazzy!)

I've very recently found out that when you really (trulymadlydeeply) love someone, it is possible to have your heart broken over and over again, in more ways than one. I'm forced to wonder if the pain is worth the pleasure.

Throughout each day things happen (no, really?) that make me stop and wonder about this strange little world of ours, things that I always want to share here... but my recent lowered brain activity tends to make me forget before I ever have that opportunity. Wooie.

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