My Stormy has arrived. As always, her visit is a salve for my soul. I'm glad we've returned to our normal balance of completely unbalancedness. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
This morning we finished up a roll of pictures, and rushed off to have them developed. Upon being out and about this splendiferious town, the storm clouds rushed in and greeted us with a blast of cold air and an eerie green hue that a sky should never be. But I was determined not to let the weather spoil our fun, and so we drove on to Blockbuster and rented Serendipity (awww!) and Original Sin (haven't watched it yet). Afterwards, Stormy refused to go to the used bookstore ("Are you crazy?! I'll spend more money!"), and we returned home to eat fresh fruit (fat, ripe grapes coloured the purple of royal robes, sweet, juicy pineapple, and canteloupe so perfect it melted in my mouth) and gab like only grown girls can do.
It's good to have girlfriends. Without them, I don't know where I would be. There is a space that only the closeness founded by a sisterhood can fill.
This afternoon (after Serendipity, of course) we discussed love. I used to believe that each of us has one soul mate, one perfect other half. It's interesting to watch beliefs like that change. I no longer believe in soul mates. I think we are all gifted with many loves in our lives, of many different varieties and degrees. I do, however, believe that there will be one great love in each of our lives, one amazing union that will be held up to all the others, one unbelievable experience that becomes the comparison in which you judge all lovers, past and present.
Of course, none of this matters, as Stormy has proposed and given me a lovely mesh ring from Tiffany's, and as we sat in front of the computer in the wee hours of the night, we had a lovely marriage ceremony ("Here, wear this, we're married.").
And still, I've yet to wear a wedding gown.
What is it with me and my obsession with wedding gowns? Ah well. Someday.
I like someday.

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