I have a new plan of life. Now, regardless of the fact that this plan is basically... no, completely unrealistic given my current life-status, it's a fun plan and I'm going to hang on to it and play with it for a while before I let it go. Eventually I may figure out that even if I can't carry through all these nifty little plans o' life, I could certainly write about them. Hm. But for now, here's the current plan:
I'm selling this burdening beast of a home, that much is already known. The payments are too much, the house is too ... housey, and I just need out.
Not such a big deal, right? People sell homes all the time.
Okay, here's the fun-never-gonna-happen idea.

I want a motorhome. One of those long crazy silver motorhomes, complete with a dining area that turns into a sleeper for 2! I want said motorhome, and I want to take it and visit each state in America. Now, Alaska becomes a small problem, as Stormy and I are well aware of the difficulty of crossing through Canada without being stopped forever by migrating carabou ... or something of the like. And Hawaii would obviously present some problems. But as far as the continental United States (Look, mom! I'm a special airfare offer!), this seems doable to me. If I spent one year in each state, I wouldn't even be 80 by the time I was done! The problem with staying in all these states is the fact that... well, who wants to spend a year in Iowa? Or North Dakota? Kansas? It's just not something that sounds like it's bubbling over with potential excitement. But maybe that is the point. Finding beauty in places unexpected. And how to decide what city to stay in? I say draw names from a hat.
Seriously, I could do this.

You know, if I didn't need to make sure my kids grew up in a warm, stable environment. That's where that whole unrealistic thing comes in. But at least I'm aware of my boundaries and not ready to run off in schizophrenic delerium.

But see, I even made a list of what states I want to see first. Maybe summers. Summers might work! Summer job, summer home, summer kids out from school...

I'm convinced I was a nomad in a former life. Why can't I just settle the hell down?

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