Where the hell is everyone when I am on my lunch break? This is probably the only time I have to catch up with people and they are never around. Eesh. And what is up with this "The Other Half" show? I come home at noon and my television choices are news (that's always good for a nice depressing hour) or some crazed show by men about women.
Right. That's an excellent idea.

I have decided it is time to go on the great bed search. I am tired of funky waterbed sleep and it is time (because whenever stuff is in a funk it must be time to shop) to hunt down and eventually own the best bed on earth. Any suggestions are welcome. Bed purchasing is a tricky thing.

My head is spinning with too many thoughts (ha!) so instead of trying to be witty I'll just share the joy that is my life:
Happiness is when he tries spinach pizza and soy milk just because you like it. And he doesn't spit it at you when he realizes he hates it.

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