I'm not exactly happy but I'm not exactly sad, either. I've entered a rather unluckily limbonic (yeah, limbonic) place that I'm not at all fond of. To add to the mood, the weather (as always, never letting me down) has become heavy in tones of grey. Grey sky, grey muddled water at my feet, grey rain smudged makeup across my face.

I'll never understand the human race, or how my own mind works. How I can feel so much and so little all at once. And I hate my innate ability to turn and run. Don't anyone ever again tell me how strong I am.

All I want to do is pack a bag and run. And run and run and run. Not looking back, not caring what's ahead. Just run.

But my feet are cemented and I'm stuck right here, for a while, stuck where I put myself, frozen in all these shades of grey.

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