Thanks to this site and On Love, I am now obsessed with trying to truly live in each moment. This is a difficult thing to do, as both the site and the book explain.

I spent some time driving down the road behind a slow elderly man in a beat up truck, doing this. It went something like:
'Okay dude. You have gained complete control of my world. You own the road. You go 15, I go 15. Congratulations on your domination. Oh, damn it. Live in the moment. Okay. I'm driving, I'm driving.... oh, look. There are leaves flying out of the bed of his truck. How beautiful they are. Watch how they sweep up out of the bed and hover just a second before zipping off past my car. There goes another one! I hope I don't forget to pay my credit card bill on time. I really need to... Damn it, Kelly. Live in the moment! Okay. I'm driving, I'm driving...'

Yeah, so I'm still working on it.

But it's enjoyable. It's good. It makes me want to spend my moments more wisely. It also makes me think I spend far too much time thinking up ways to be even more complex and annoying (even to myself). But then, if I can't annoy people, what good am I?

Or something like that. I'm still working out the details.

(I'm also concerned over the fact that I leave white space between paragraphs and a book I just read said that's a no-no, and I should be indenting instead. But I like white space, and I plan to stuff as much of it down your throat as I can while you're here. Okay? Okay.)

Right. So I'm posting, I'm posting...

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