I abhor the new Cheer laundry detergent commercial. A young(ish) boy walks up to his school where he is met by a group of snotty girls that take one look at him and say (jointly, through the mouth of the snotty-girl leader), "Someone hasn't heard about the new faded look?"
Said boy then looks like someone just punched him in the stomach, and is next seen washing his jeans. Many times. Hoping, praying, wishing for his snazzy dark blue jeans to fade. But no such luck, for Cheer laundry detergent won't fade your clothes!
We are left to wonder what the poor boy shall do upon returning to school the following day. Has he no other jeans? If he does, are they all dark blue, too? Will he ever fit in to the snotty-crowd again? Did he ever fit in to begin with? Does his whole life hang in the balance of one pair of jeans that were not faded?!
What, oh what will happen to our dark blue jean wearing hero?

If only he had thought to kick snotty-girl leader in the teeth and usher himself into the school, dark jeans or not.

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