Apparently I left Geocities just in the knick of time.

Currently, I've fallen in love with biology and will soon be chapters ahead of the lecture and may end up spending time in the tutorial lab just to hang out with cool science professors.
God help me.

Looking forward, I'm sorry, but I really cannot think of a single reason to attend the con, other than seeing Crystal. This becomes problematic, when I'm trying to save money for airfare to NY in August, and all the outfits required for Shannon's wedding. So uhm, Crystal...? We'll see.

But for now, I must go to work. The future of small children depends on me. Well, not really. But if I pretend I'm a superhero, the day goes by much more quickly. And since I work with small children, I can do this, and no one thinks a thing of it. Ha. Try that in your cubicle, Mr. Corporate America.

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