School's out! I just finished my last (only, ha!) final, and assured my 4.0 for this semester. Things are looking up! Well, they already were, but now they're upper. Yes, upper.

This morning I stopped by one of the numerous gas stations for a caffeine fix. I really need to go back to my no caffeine life. Sigh. Anyway, I noticed that on the bottle of my Diet Pepsi this lovely phrase: "So light, so crisp, so refreshing"

Okay. First of all, since when does a six word phrase require the use of the word "so" three times? And secondly, how can a soft drink be crisp? It's not a potato chip, it's a drink! And I have never noticed Diet Pepsi to be crisp. Or light. And the only reason it's even mildy refreshing is because I am constantly parched and in need of caffeine.

False advertising? You be the judge.

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