I didn't go out tonight (as if anyone believed I really would!), but I did meet Crystal (even if it was only for 20 minutes and why-oh-why am I addicted to parenthesis?) and that was fabulous. We stood around and chatted, I gave her the book, we hugged, and we both left. There was a small pause when she tried to get me to stow away in her backpack, but after that, all was good.

So it's sad that I didn't go out because (give me a moment to be self-centered here) I looked really cute tonight! I would show you, but I'm much too lazy. Plus The Mexican is sitting on my desk begging to be viewed. Heh.

I believe it's time for a redesign, people. I also believe it's time for my own domain. I'm just not sure who I want to use for this. And yes, I've said a million times before that I needed to get my own domain name thingie, but I mean it this time. I think.

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